Why is Saddle fit so Important?

Have you ever wondered why your horse seems girthy? Wonder why they are trying to reach around and bite you while you’re saddling or why they bite at your feet while you ride?

Now let me ask you a question, how does your demeanor change as you wear an ill fitting pair of shoes? At first it feels tolerable for a while, women, you can attest to when you put on that pretty pair of heels knowing that in a couple of hours you are going to hate that decision. Now imagine that someone else picked those shoes out and then forced you to dance all night long in them. What kind of attitude are you going to have a few hours in? Would you even last that long?

So why would you ever expect an emotional animal like a horse or any animal for that matter be “happy go lucky” in an ill fitting saddle?

Saddle fit, it does make a difference. Grand Prix dressage riders will have their saddles regularly re-flocked to attempt to have their saddles continue to fit the horses they ride with moderate success, because as they work their horses they build muscle. When you build muscle the shape of the back changes along with it, causing a saddle that fit a few months ago to now cause discomfort and changes in attitude and way of going. Western riders face the same issues and use corrective pads to help alleviate rocking and bridging as well.

The reason why shouldn’t surprise you, horses MOVE. Remember those pretty heels that fit so nicely when you get to sit in them more than dance? Well horses effectively dance for us in ill fitting tack all the time and still let us put that tack on again and again and ride in it for long periods of time. Then when we add padding thinking that will help, when in most cases it causes more discomfort.

So now the question you must be asking is, “So what can I do about it? Is there a better saddle out there that can not only alleviate but eliminate the issues that I have just described above?

There is, it is a saddle that is made with flexible panels that are in contact with the horse and the fixed tree that riders have come to feel secure in while riding. Which will provide not only a more comfortable experience for the horse but a secure, deep seat and feel for the movement of the horse, who can now extend their shoulder and move their bodies more freely under saddle.

Anyone that has been riding long enough will run into a horse that is obedient, but you can tell they are not comfortable. When you unsaddle you see pressure points indicated by the dry spots. Then you start to see the telltale sign of poor saddle fit, white hairs. You feel your heart drop as you realize that your saddle is causing this. That while your horse isn’t complaining you know that it is your choice in saddle that is causing this.

Most people start with a change in pad, usually adding padding, which actually makes the issue worse. Remember those shoes? Would putting on an extra pair of socks make them fit any better or help you dance longer in them? Extra socks would do neither, so why do we as riders insist to add pads when there are pressure points which indicate that the fit is too tight so adding padding will only make that TIGHTER.

I know when I realized this I began the search for the better saddle that might help fix the issues I was seeing with my horses. Again the flex panel saddle came to the top of the list of saddles that met the criteria of a saddle that can and will fit EVERY SINGLE HORSE YOU PUT IT ON, with only minor adjustments like the proper length girth, adjusting the cross-fire rigging and possibly needing some shimming in the ‘low spots’ along a horse’s back.

This Evolutionary Saddle not only addresses all the issues described above, it performs and will exceed the expectations of both the horse and rider. It will only take a couple of rides in the Evolutionary Saddle for your horse to realize that their saddle doesn’t hurt to wear or to be ridden in. You’ll notice over time as they learn that movements that once cause pinching or poking now accommodates their movements.

I am sure you are curious about how a flexible panel saddle works, and accomplishes these feats of what many riders consider a pipe dream or even worse they have had poor experiences with other panels saddles. The System X Delrin panels and the special hardware that are designed to move as the panels flex to allow for even more movement with the horse.

While you can achieve minor and temporary relief with different pads, shims and saddles, over time, replacing your saddles as you change horses or as your horse changes shape can become a very expensive proposition.

As riders we invest a great deal into our animals, equipment and gear. Spending $5-40,000 on a horse trailer, $40,000 on a truck to pull this beautiful trailer, not to mention the gas and up keep on both of those items. Then you have the horse, which even if they cost $10,000, likely in their lifetime you’ll spend that on routine vet and farrier care if not more. So why do we all balk at paying for quality tack, which should be as important if not more important than safety and care of the truck and trailer that both of you travel in?

If you’d like to talk about how your saddle fits your horse, how you might help you and your horse help it fit better until you can invest in the last saddle you’ll ever need for any horse you’ll ever ride until your riding days are over. The Evolutionary Saddle is built to last, not only your lifetime but when taken care of will last multiple riders’ equestrian careers.

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